September 17, 2006

Sunday Night Musings

I'm feelin' lazy tonight, so this one will be less thoughtful prose and more stream-of-consciousness.

I thought I might be heading to New York in October, which got me to thinking about which Broadway shows I might try to take in while there. The relatively new musical "Wicked" sounded interesting, so I decided to give the book a whirl firsthand before deciding. Every now and then, you pick up a book and just simply can't put it down. It's that good. It's that amazing. It's truly a work of sheer genius.

"Wicked" is not that book.

How could an author take such a cool concept, and write such a terribly cheerless and yawn-inducing story? I truly kept waiting for it to get better, but page after page after page, it continually failed to deliver anything worth reading. If the musical is remotely similar to this piece of dreck, I'll think I'd rather go see "Spamalot".

The WCOOP is going on now. I tried my hand in a 500 FPP satellite to Event #8 (limit H.O.R.S.E. tourney), but wound up busting out #46 from a field of 168. I was happy with my play, though. I may try another freeroll tourney in Limit Stud8 if I can stay awake.

The Daughter has recently found the joys of 35mm photography, so she's been busy snapping black and white photos with my 1988 Minota SLR. She has a good eye for composition. Here's one she took of a statue in our neighborhood:

I recently replaced my album version of one of the all-time best movie original soundtrack scores ever written with a CD version. Yep, we're talkin' Conan the Barbarian by Basil Poledouris. And my favorite track happens to bear the humorously suggestive title "The Orgy". I can't help it. That tune is infectious. It has a Ravel's "Boléro" feel to it. I'm sure Jenny Miles would have liked it :)

Sadly, my days of being a "piano-sitter" are soon to end. Over the past few years, a friend of mine has been "storing" his very nice piano at my house while his house was being built. By "storing", I mean it has been sitting prominently in my living room, looking very stylish, and getting much use from both myself and The Daughter. But alas, his home is built, the movers are coming, and I will soon have a somewhat large "space" to fill once it is gone. Perhaps I'll use the extra space for another mermaid lamp.

That's a joke, O Daughter :)