August 26, 2007

Being A Shmanly Shman

I learned the word "shman" recently from a friend, as we were discussing things that a man might do that could be considered a bit "feminine". I guess it's a synonym to metrosexual. In any case, each year before The Daughter returns to high school, she always gets her yearly pedicure at a local spa. This weekend as we walked into the nail salon, I had, as usual, my trusty book in hand that I would read during the half hour it would take for her to get her toes the magical treatment that consists of a nice water bath, toenail clipping and filing, foot buffing, and a nice coat of purple polish. However, this time around, a swarm of Asian women descended upon me insisting that I, too, desperately needed a pedicure. This was, of course, something I have never experienced first hand in my entire life. I tried to decline, but these women were adamant that my feet needed, nay, demanded to be pampered, and stat. So, I admit it. I caved. For the next twenty or so minutes, my feet were treated like a rock star. They even used The Daughter's cell phone to snap a (blurry) pic of this historic event. However, rest assured that I will be asserting my manliness once more during an upcoming September vacation, where myself, and other manly men will be participating in those two macho sports of dune buggies and indoor skydiving. Can I hear a Tim "the Tool Man" Taylor simian grunt?