September 27, 2007

Breathe, Breathe in the Air...

On a recent mini-vacation to California, me and four buddies experienced the wonder of indoor skydiving. Here's a short YouTube clip of my simulated freefall excitement!

September 01, 2007

Number 1700

Many years ago, when I was between jobs and extremely bored, I decided to try and write down every movie I could remember seeing. I wrote down as many as I could remember, and then got one of those film & video guides in hopes that the films listed and reviewed would jog my memory for those I'd forgotten. I remember the first movie I ever saw, when my mom drove me as a ten-year old to Henry's Theatre in downtown Hagerstown. I remember the first midnight movie I saw with friends at Long Meadow Shopping Center (also in Hagerstown). And like that legendary Sergio Leone film, some movies have been very good, some have been very bad, and some have been very, very ugly.

I knew that I would be seeing movie #1700 this weekend, so it just had to be special. Something magical. Something truly Oscar-worthy.

Balls of Fury is not that movie.

Yes, it's true. I squandered film #1700 on a pretty low-brow comedy; but I had set my expectations extremely low, in order to better appreciate its humour. Plus, it had Christopher Walkin, who simply has to walk onscreen and I start laughing. And upcoming actress Maggie Q was certainly easy on the eyes. And I got to share it with my friends Dan & Becky, which made it ever the more enjoyable. Probably still not worth $9.50 in enjoyment, though. I recommend waiting for the DVD. However it did have one huge redeeming factor.

It made me long for a game of ping pong at my folks' house.